I believe that art is essential. It captures unique impressions of our world while offering a window into the artisan soul.
— Tom DeSomer

Art for me has always been exciting, always challenging, always rewarding. After high school, I attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago. The fine art instruction I received in art school moved me beyond simple amateur approaches and provided me with the tools required to pursue a career as a commercial illustrator. During this time I also had the privilege of studying under Irving Shapiro, a true master in the art of watercolor painting. It was in his studio classroom where I first fell in love with the beauty of this medium.

Shortly after my studies at AAA, I was hired at Eaton & Iwen, a premier illustration studio located in downtown Chicago where I developed hand-illustrated storyboards for animated features, films, television commercials as well as a variety of ad campaigns. I worked alongside of art directors and marketing specialists providing quality marker renderings for a number of clients. Through a number of events, life-changing decisions and faith-filled risks, I left the studio to study theology - receiving a bachelor’s and eventually a master’s degree in Christian Ministry and Doctrine. I am currently ordained within the Christian & Missionary Alliance and have served in a variety of ministry leadership roles in Indiana, New York, Illinois and Southern California.

Even though I have been a part of so many amazing experiences over the past 20 years - leading, teaching and serving others, I let my paint tray dry up. There were opportunities here and there to create but, for the most part, I put my easel in storage and left it there. I didn’t sketch, stretch or sign anything. It has really only been within the past few years that I decided to pick up the brush again and paint. And, I can honestly say that I’m so glad I did.

I enjoy painting with bold, colorful brush strokes creating symbols and shapes that allow the colors to blend on the paper and invite the viewer to experience my creative journey found within each work.

I hope you enjoy my developing gallery of work. Please feel free to contact me about sales, commissions and classes.